Earth Day Tournament A Great Success for Tenri Dojo

CHICAGO TENRI JUDO DOJO was well represented at the Earth Day Tournament on April 14 at the Minooka Community High School in Channahon IL.  This is the first Earth Day Tournament hosted by Minooka Judo Club  and Yorkville Judo Club and it was a great success.  As a Dojo, we had 7 players compete in both junior and senior divisions.  All did well against pretty stiff competition.  The results are as follows

Bruno Nowak (9 y/o) competed in his first tournament.  He gave a great effort and even though he lost his 2 matches, he showed that he was not afraid of his opponents by attacking constantly and giving his opponents a lot of trouble.

Kai Johnson (7 y/o) took 1st place in her division.  She won both of her matches with solid ippons (instant wins).  While she was warming up before the competition, one of our coaches overheard another coach saying what a terrific competitor Kai was.

Alex Kim (Masters Novice) took 2nd place in his division by winning 2 of his 3 matches.  This was his first tournament also.

Nathan Tutt (Novice masters) had a tough day in a tough division.  He won 1 but lost 2 other matches in a round robin division that had 4 players in it.  He placed 4th.

Danilo Janjic (Advanced masters) is a newly minted shodan (1st degree black belt) took 1st place in his division by winning 2 matches.  Even though his opponents were other black belts, he won his division easily with two ippons.

Earth Day Tournament

Luke Engler entered two divisions and took 2nd in the 15-16 year old division by winning.  He won 1 match but lost his second match over another player two years older and considerably heavier.  Luke place 1st in his normal 13-14 year old division by winning all 3 of his matches

Symeon Von Hanhke (14 y/o Junior Novice): took 2nd place in his division by winning 1 of his 2 matches.  This was Symeon’s first tournament and did fantastic.

Also participating were coaches who helped our players:  Sensei’s Anna Maria Graham, Danilo Janjic and Bruce Piazza.  Participating as referees were Senseis Dave Moeller and Kei Narimatsu.  A number of parents were there cheering our players on.  Among them were the Engler’s, the Von Hahnke’s, the Johnson’s, and the Nowak’s.  Thank you all for coming to support our players.  If I missed anyone, I apologize.